You will find this holiday experience very different from a normal activity packed holiday or even a normal spa holiday. We are offering a very unique opportunity for you to be amidst nature and totally relax whilst we look after you using the knowledge of century old vedic traditions and mindfulness practices. You will arrive to a completely natural environment with no man-made distractions. The idea is that when the physical body is not too active and there are not much distractions to stimulate the mind, it turns inwards into understanding and feeling our own emotions and cognitive behaviour patterns. Most of our modern day life is so full of distractions that we are left with little or no time to really examine our inner-self. As a result, we become so unaware of our own emotions and the impact it is having on our physical body. 

Once you arrive, our friendly team will help you settle in to your room. Your room is air conditioned if you do feel the heat, and you can tap into the free Wi-Fi if you want to connect with your family. After you settle in, you will meet our Ayurvedic Doctor for a consultation. Then be treated to a detoxifying head & foot massage by Roshaan if you are on one of our packages. Your first days treatment will be light as the body needs time to settle in to the environmental changes, effects of flying and jet lag. Ayurveda is very much a gentle push to the body to help recover itself or get to its optimum balance. It works very much with the speed of your body. Introductions of treatments to the body is done gently and gradually.

Your meals are decided by the doctor according to your nutritional needs and prepared with minimal oil and no artificial flavourings. It is the time to remind ourselves that whilst we enjoy our meals, we take them primarily to maintain a healthy body. Those of you who are used to more artificially flavoured, fatty, salty or sweet foods might find it a little hard to adjust initially. Give it about three days or so and you will see how your body reacts positively as you feel lighter and healthier.

Following are the key things about us that makes us different from the host of other wellbeing holidays you will find:

Small and Personal - the villa offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy a customized retreat and an authentic rural Sri Lankan experience. Our property only contain 8 rooms so it gives us an opportunity to care for each of you in a very personalised manner whilst taking you through a journey to improve your wellbeing.

A Unique Nature Resort - we are situated in a plantation with a rainforest atmosphere and our own natural waterfall. Our property spans 30 acres with Rubber, Mahogany, Coconut and Black Pepper plantations. The hotel villa is surrounded by nature and is a habitat for rare local and migrant birds, butterflies and a plethora of tropical flora and fauna. The resort actively participates and pursues conservation activities, growing a large number of plants indigenous to Sri Lanka that are now critically endangered. We care for our planet and do a number of environmental conservation projects which we would like to introduce to you.

Specialists in Yoga and Ayurveda – Our team of Doctors and Therapists have over 17 years experience in Ayurveda. You are consulted on their first day when a holistic retreat is then tailored to suit your needs using ayurvedic treatments, herbal medication, nutrition through personal organic meal plan, as well as mindfulness practices through yoga and meditation. Offering the care and attention you seek and reaping the benefit of time you spend with us. Additionally we work closely with qualified coaches, healers, meditation masters, clinical psychologists, yoga instructors and teacher trainers from around the world, allowing us to offer you a complete and comprehensive rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.

A service standard where nothing is too much – in the true sense of Sri Lankan village hospitality, our team of staff are always ready and waiting to please. This offers a level of personalised care, genuine compassion and consideration for wellbeing that larger resorts simply cannot provide. We have been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for both years we have been in operation (2014 and 2015) based on the glowing reviews and recommendations received by our guests.

Farm to Plate policy – Majority of the food we serve comes straight from our own organic gardens. The hotel gardens consist of a paddy field, organic vegetable / fruit / spice and herb garden. You also have the option to join in the paddy harvesting and fruit / vegetable and spice picking or take part in Ayurvedic healthy cookery demonstrations to learn how to cook your favourite healthy meals. We also sell our organic spices and herbs at much lower rate than the market.

Community Activities – Our hotel was set up with the primary intention of helping the village of Nehinna, a rural village 80km away from the capital city Colombo. It is the home town of the founder owner and often these little villages are overlooked for government development plans. Therefore, we actively take part in local community development activities such as funding the schools and temples, funding commercial training facilities for local youth and a number of other initiatives and causes that benefit the village and its’ people. All of the hotel staff come from this and neighbouring villages - most of them have never worked before. We provide in-house training and hire them to allow them a sustainable income source. During your stay you can get involved in some of our activities and practice loving kindness and giving and see how it helps your wellbeing. ents and food plan so that all meals for each guest will be personalized for the duration of their stay.

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