If you or a family member is suffering from an acute illness such as Cancer, Terminal Cancer, Paralysis, Clinical Depression etc, please email us directly to plan your stay. reservations@srimal.com

As science has now proven, there is a clear link between our body and mind and the stresses of our modern day lives combined with high toxic input in to the body has resulted in a significant increase in illnesses such as Cancer. Ayurveda teaches us that to live our lives to the optimum, we need to have a balance and harmony. Imbalances in our work and family lives, our activities, our food nutrition, our emotions lead to imbalances within our bodies which results in our physical body becoming ill. Whilst western medicine have found cures or maintenance programs for these illnesses, they take a more focussed look at the physical body ignoring the other elements contributing to the illness. A holistic approach to health has proven magical and unexplicable results in patients who could not find a cure for their illnesses through Western Medicine. Ayurveda allows the use of western medicine and works with it by detoxing the body and strengthening the body and mind to use its own immune system to fight illnesses.

We have had a number of guests who found huge benefits from our treatments for illnesses such as: Terminal Cancer, Paralysis, Chronic Diabetes, Obesity, Psoriasis and other such acute illnesses. If you are looking for treatment for such a condition, please email us directly so we can plan your treatments and arrange your stay. reservations@srimal.com


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