Plantation Villa sits within a 30 acre property surrounded by rubber, mahogany, cinnamon, coconut and black pepper trees. The area is rich with plant and animal life and home to a number of indigenous and endangered species. We are proud to be able to conserve such a beauty piece of Sri Lankan wilderness, and work hard to preserve the area for this and future generations to come.

We are already aware of the significant decline in wide open and green spaces owing to industry and deforestation. With the help of the leading botanist in Sri Lanka, advisor to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kandy, we have started a number of nature conservation projects. We have started buying plants of a number of Sri Lankan flora that is on the brink of extinction and classified as ‘Endangered’ or ‘Critically Endangered’ from the Forest Preservation Department and grow them in our land. We have a minimum of 44 endangered plants growing in our grounds today. 

We also constantly look for ways to be more sustainable. The hotel itself is run using water from its own natural water source and we are conscious of the need to use this preciously and not take this good fortune for granted. The plantation is also fertilized using organics fertilizers and pesticides to deter natural predators and ot cause further harm to the ecosystem and disrupt the natural circle of life. See our Adopt a Tree page for more details on how to join in. (click to find out more)

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